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How to Choose an IT Consultant

You need some help with your Information Technology because you are a low-tech, no-tech company. You have never hired a consultant before and don’t know where to begin, what questions to ask. How do you tackle this new situation without creating an expensive disaster? Here is some advice that will help you determine if the person you are interviewing is likely to do a good job for you:

  • Does the consultant ask appropriate questions about the situation? Listen to what you have to say?

  • Does it appear that the interviewee has done the homework about your organization prior to the interview?

  • Does the consultant tell you what will be expected from you and your organization in order to achieve your goals.

  • Does the interviewee have a good work history and relevant on-the-job experience?

  • Does the consultant frame the issue but refrain from offering pat solutions quickly?

  • Does the consulting company make it clear how and for what you will be charged?

  • Does the interviewee have good experience in what you want done?

  • Does the consultant have academic degrees associated with what you want done?

  • Does the interviewee have a good reputation? Can references be provided?

  • Does the consultant belong to professional associations relevant to the area of expertise?

  • Does the interviewee seem agreeable to keeping you informed at every stage of progress?

  • Does the consultant or consulting company have professional liability insurance?

  • Does the interviewee appear to have a personality that will work well with the culture of your company?

  • Does the consultant have any conflicts of interest that will interfere with working for you?

In the case of an interview, the only dumb question is the unasked one. Perhaps the most important question is the one you should ask yourself, “Do I like and trust this person”?

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*We are servicing and supporting EZ Money Pawn all store locations over the valley*
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