Services We Offer

Server Setup and Maintenance

Many small businesses start out with a simple desk mounted setup. This let's them get moving quickly but can also be a magnet for accidents. One slip up with a coffe mug and your entire operation is toast.

Upgrade your Server setup, or get it started in the right way, with Wisdom PC. We'll help set up your system to reduce noise, improve airflow for superior thermal management, and keep your wiring from turning into a tripping hazard.

We also provide solutions for long term maintenance of your critical server infrastructure.

Voice over Internet Protocol

If your business relies on a stable and clear voice connection, then we can set up a reliable voice over internet phone system.

VoIP offers a number of features not found in traditional land line services. Features such as voicemail to email transcription, call detail reports, an auto attendant, and conferencing are just a handful of the features a premium VoIP setup can provide.

Wisdom PC will help you through the entire process. From designing the system, installation and training, we are there to help.

Data Recovery and Offsite Backup

Few jobs are less glamorous, yet more critical, than data backup. The consequences of losing a week or more of data can be catastrophic for most businesses. Don't let this happen to you.

Wisdom PC can handle offsite data backups so you don't have to house bulky infrastructure, yet get all the peace of mind knowing your data is safe and secure.

If it's too late for a data backup to do any good, don't fear. We're experts are recovering critical data quickly and effectively.

Wireless and Wired Networking

Keeping every employee in your business connected is essential for daily operations. Wireless outages can cost your business sales and operational efficiency, so Wisdom PC makes sure your networks are secure and stable.

System Upgrades and Repairs

Have an old PC or server that is slowing down operations? A replacement may be unnecessary.

In many cases, simply upgrading components can breathe new life into an old system, and delay a costly and time consuming replacement.

We will make sure you are getting quality components that are compatible with your current hardware.

Office Printer Setup and Troubleshooting

If your business relies on printed documents, nothing can be a bigger headache than a malfunctioning printer.

Wisdom PC will keep your office running smoothly with a stable and reliable printer setup, or fix your malfunctioning unit.

Business IT Consulting

Just getting your business off the ground? Starting a business is daunting enough without having to worry about IT concerns.

At Wisdom PC we know how to get your business running with the minimum viable infrastructure, so that you can get to the business of doing what you do best.

WisdomPC provides expert service and consulting throughout the entire Phoenix Metro area including Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Queen Creek, Apache Junction, and many more. For your convenience we offer: on site, pick up & delivery, or in shop service.